AUSCRS continues to support registrar training, and 2018 saw 18 registrars attend from around Australia and New Zealand for an immersive course in the management of cataract surgery complications, particularly posterior capsular tear, and then to remain for the rest of the meeting. 

The focus was on the technical and non technical skills required to prepare for and manage complications of cataract surgery.  Virtual reality and mind laboratory techniques were utilised, and feedback was super positive surrounding the event. 

This course, run by Jacqueline Beltz and Abi Tenen, saw the registrars breaking into small groups and rotating through the following stations: 

Station 1         Virtual Reality Anterior Vitrectomy Training

Trainees were taught 1:2 by Bernardo Soares and Rahul Chakrabarti to use the EyeSi surgical Simulators, and were then guided through several attempts at an anterior vitrectomy challenge, specifically designed for this event. 

Station 2         Mind Laboratory

Brendan Vote led this station.  With the aid of 3D surgical footage on Ngenuity, trainees were guided through interactive discussion regarding the prevention, planning and execution of anterior vitrectomy. 

Station 3         Mind Laboratory

Lewis Levitz and Andrea Ang led interactive discussion on management of small pupil and IOL exchange. 

Station 4         Fluid dynamics

Alcon Surgical led a station on the understanding and management of phaco machine dynamics for Anterior Vitrectomy 

We would like to thank our sponsors:  Alcon, Vision Eye Institute, Cura Day Surgeries, and Glaukos for making this event possible.  Special thanks also to all our trainers.  We look forward to another exciting event in 2019.